Kids, Electronic Devices and Head Lice—oh no!

Sometimes kids using their electronic devices seems so antisocial––solitary screen time spent indoors instead of playing outside, studying in a group, participating in the real world. Is communicating with friends via Instagram helping to develop quality relationship building skills or a healthy sense of competition?

Consider the following examples of everyday “modern” socializing; they might besurprising to think about. These types of actual in-person, device-based occurrences have head-to-head contact possibilities––and that’s the type of group activity head lice adore.

Imagine a gaggle of kids waiting in a room to do something or go somewhere, all looking at their own phones...and guess what? Their heads are touching!

What about in the classroom or library?...A handful of students are gathered in front of a computer to see how Luke is creating his PowerPoint presentation. If not head-to-head, these observers are at least shoulder-to-shoulder. Long hair worn down on the shoulders makes a fine boarding ramp for a lone head louse seeking a new home.

Taking a selfie!...Heads are often touching when it comes to the new standard in showing the world who you’re with and what you are experiencing. This new way to get “autographs” may even give young carriers a chance to share head lice with anunsuspecting celebrity or two.

Sleepovers always deserve a little attention when it comes to preventing the spread of head lice. A common scene could include several besties piled on a bed watching a movie on a laptop or tablet. They will all be in close proximity to one another.

Even a few buddies playing video games on the sofa, laughing or battling,  bouncing around, is grounds for sharing unwanted pests. Is there a favorite cold weather blanket on the sofa, behind the boys’ heads?

Head lice usually stay on the human head; they need to, to survive. They can crawl onto inanimate objects and will transfer from one head to another if the opportunity presents itself. Have your kids shampoo and condition with head lice repelling products to keep lice away. Scootie-Cootie Everyday Shampoo is kid friendly, safe and pleasant smelling.

Use Scootie-Cootie detangling spray on long hair to get the  knots and and for every day protection.

Socializing and studying may be modernized, but you can help make head lice passé!