Happyheads® Wholesale Purchasing

Are you interested in carrying Happyheads® in your store or head lice salon?

Your customers will thank you! Happyheads® wholesale products for head lice are the most effective and safe products available for head lice removal and head lice prevention. So, whether you have a retail store, or are a professional nitpicker, Happyheads products are exactly what your customers need.

I love to sell Happyheads® lice treatment products because they are products that actually do what they claim to do, and in my business that is most important. I am a pharmacist and own an independent pharmacy and people often come to me for product advice and recommendations and this is one product I am 100% confident in both recommending and standing behind. This is the number 1 lice product available today, period!
—Pasquale Minuto Rph, Garden City Family Pharmacy

Please contact us at 800.257.6069 for more information and a wholesale price list.

Opening your own Lice Removal Service?

Great idea! But you'll need a great product, too. Use Happyheads® safe treatment formula with 100% confidence. It kills lice on contact and is safe for the whole family. There is just no better product available for TREATING LICE—so you'll have an edge on your competition! And, because Happyheads business began as a Lice Removal Service, you'll receive personalized, expert tips and advice on how to best serve your customers using Happyheads Products.

Here's what other Lice Removal Services are saying about Happyheads®:

What a terrific product! I carry a lot of lice-fighting tools, but the one that is ALWAYS in my "Nanny Bag" is Happyheads® Bye-Bye Lice Shampoo Lice Shampoo. I use it on my clients and my own family as well. The peppermint scent is clean and refreshing. As my son says, "it smells like Christmas!" What doesn't come in the bottle is just as important. Thanks for always being available to offer a little advice for your wholesale customers. You wouldn't go into a battle unarmed. I know, with Happyheads® Bye-Bye Lice, that I am well equipped to fight head lice! 
 — Betsy Herrington, The Nit Nanny, Lexington, KY,

Please contact us at 800.257.6069 for more information and a wholesale price list.